Warmer Shades

I was a bit sad to put away my summer clothes, but I do love that I can wear boots again! I bought this pair of booties on sale from Nordstrom about two years ago but I'm not very creative with what to wear these with so I usually pair them with maxi skirts or jeans and rarely with a shorter dress. How do you like to style booties?

Northwest Pearls: Pink OOTD

Date Night with Blue

One of my favorite shirts is this cerulean blue one from Target. It's a couple of years old, so while you can get the same color now, the cut isn't as flattering, at least not to me. To dress up the high neckline, I like to add a statement necklace I got from Anthropologie. It makes a cute date outfit! Northwest Pearls: Blue OOTD

Go-To Tee

Well, summer's almost over. I just switched out my summer clothes for my sweaters. I'll miss the sun and warmth of summer, but fall's always beautiful. A shirt of mine that'll transition from summer to fall is this striped grey t-shirt from Target. Pairing it with a sweater makes it warm enough for the change in seasons!

Northwest Pearls:

What's been your go-to t-shirt lately?


Northwest Pearls: StripedNorthwest Pearls: Striped My new favorite shirt is this navy and white striped shirt from the Loft. I've been wearing it everywhere. It's great for our late spring weather; and will be perfect for those cooler summer days!

What's something you've been loving lately?

At the Barn

Pretty much anytime I know I'm going to be somewhere muddy, I wear my rainboots and a light windbreaker. I'm not too attached to either, so if they get ruined, I don't mind too much. Lately I've been going out to a friend's barn and riding arena to watch her, so I end up wearing more or less this outfit a couple of times a week (with a clean shirt and jeans of course!) I'll usually add a side braid too, but didn't for the day this picture was taken. Northwest Pearls: At the Barn

What have you been wearing the most lately?

Bootcut but No Boot

I've had this pair of bootcut jeans for three or four years, but I almost never wear them. They're comfortable, and fit well, but they're almost too dark to wear. They look black in some lighting, and blue in other lighting. At least that's my excuse for never wearing them. Northwest Pearls: Bootcut But No Boot

Northwest Pearls: Bootcut But No Boot

Northwest Pearls: Bootcut But No Boot

How do you style dark blue jeans?

Out for a Walk

One of my favorite purchases has been a few pairs of athletic pants from Costco. I wear them to hike, workout, run errands, and just lounge around the house in. They're so comfortable! Northwest Pearls: Out for a Walk Northwest Pearls: Out for a Walk

Striped Sweater Weather

Talbots was having a great sale on some of their clothes, and I just picked up this cute sweater. It's now sold out, but you can check out some similar sweaters below! Northwest Pearls: Striped Sweater WeatherNorthwest Pearls: Striped Sweater Weather


Northwest Pearls: Striped Sweater Weather

Have you found anything on sale recently?