Creative Birthday Card

Northwest Pearls: Birthday Card Map
Northwest Pearls: Birthday Card Map

I've seen greeting cards sold at REI before, but when I went to one REI location to buy one for a friend's birthday, they didn't have them. I'd been pretty set on these cards so I was disappointed when they weren't there. But a sales associate came up with the idea to use a map as a birthday card. It was the perfect idea and she came up with it on the spot.

The only problem was that I wasn't sure what maps he already had.

That problem almost made me give up but then I came across some thin flat paper maps and one covered a place we had gone snowshoeing. It's not the most useful map as I doubt he'll go back for a long time, and it covers such a small area, but it has sentimental meaning.

So I got it, folded it, and wrote "Happy Birthday!" along the front. That's all I fit on there, I didn't want to write more because of the map details, but I printed out a picture of him and his dog to write an actual birthday note on.

I loved how the map-card turned out, and in the future, I might even write a whole message on the map itself.

Do you have any creative card ideas?


DIY Envelopes

While at Marshall's a few weeks ago I came across some pretty wrapping paper for Christmas. Because what I'm giving some people can fit in a card, I decided to make envelopes out of the new wrapping paper. So I searched for a tutorial on how to do it and was able to do it pretty easily. I just used the tutorial, scissors, a ruler, printer paper, and glue. (To make the envelope a little less floppy, I glued the printer paper to the back of the wrapping paper before cutting it all out. That way it had a weight similar to wallpaper.)

Below is my finished product!

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Envelopes

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Envelopes

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Envelopes

So now the envelopes coordinate with the rest of the gifts under the tree and I put a little extra love into the project.

Have you made any Christmas DIY's recently?

Personal Business Cards

While chatting with a fellow alum the other day, he recommended that I create business cards for networking. In college I created business cards for a class using InDesign, but I no longer have access to InDesign. So I looked around online for a website to create business cards. I settled on Vistaprint for my needs. I wanted something professional and simple. While I may end up working somewhere creative, somewhere where the business cards aren't as traditional, I decided to keep the business cards simple and classic, just black and white, because I could end up somewhere white-collar and I'd rather market myself to that.

For business cards at Vistaprint, you can choose between three weights: Standard, Signature, and Ultra Thick. The Standard were too thin for me, and the Ultra Thick were too thick, so I chose Signature. I have my business cards now and I love their weight.

I chose to browse their designs and picked this one. I did modify it though to fit my needs. I moved some of the words around and didn't include my address because the purpose of the business card is to network. I included my name, email, phone number, website, degree, experience, and what kind of position I am seeking.

I chose the linen cards, and they're great. I don't have any graphics or logos, so if you're creating business cards with any of that, you might want to choose something else, but for just text, the linen is nice.

I can't wait to start handing out my business cards! Now I'm just looking for a case for them. I'm probably going to get this one from Amazon, but I really like this one from Mark and Graham.

What do you think of having personal business cards?