Glass Beach

Glass Beach-4.jpg

My mom read about a beach with lots of sea glass, the catch is that you have to hike three to four miles each way to reach it. 

It's accessible through two access points/trailheads in Port Townsend, Washington. We parked at North Beach on Kuhn St. and walked west along the beach to find the seaglass. The other option (according to Pacific NW Beachcombing) is to park at the Marina Drive parking lot at Cape George and walk east along the beach.

If you're coming from the east, two old car axles about 3 miles in mark where you can start to find sea glass. You need to make sure you time it for low tide and that you don't get stuck out there at high tide.

On our hike/walk, some of the people who we passed going back to their cars said it wasn't a very good day for sea glass, so that was disappointing, but we managed to find a bit anyways. 

White glass was pretty common, with brown, green, and blue, and even pieces of porcelain. My favorite piece I found was one piece of pink sea glass.


Finally, one more cool thing I found along the beach, was a possible fern fossil.

Glass Beach-1.jpg


Hiking on the beach isn't really my idea of fun. I find it more exhausting than going uphill. So while this isn't a hike I'll do again anytime soon, it was fun to go out and get the glass. 

Do you know of any good places to find sea glass?