Heisler Park in Laguna Beach

Northwest Pearls: Heisler Park I spent part of one of my days in Laguna Beach at Heisler Park. The beautiful park overlooks the ocean and the day we picked couldn't have been any nicer. The photos I took are some of my favorites from the trip.

The park has a massive whale sculpture, "Breaching Whale," by Jon Seeman. You can watch the lawn bowling club practice, or just take a walk around the park.

Northwest Pearls: Heisler Park

Northwest Pearls: Heisler Park Northwest Pearls: Heisler Park

What's one of the prettiest parks you've been to?

Backpacking Backpack

I've been wanting to get a backpacking backpack for the hiking and backpacking I hope to do. So today I went into REI and got measured for a backpack. The one that I originally wanted didn't fit my body at all, but the woman who was helping me helped me find a backpack that did fit my body. I'm pretty excited that I walked out of there with a backpack and I can't wait to take it on adventures. What are you hoping to do this summer?