Movie Review: Furious Seven

A tradition that my best friend and I have is seeing the Fast and Furious movies in theaters. So the day after it came out we went to an early showing. Now, if you've seen the last couple of movies, you know to expect outrageous stunts that may or may not make you laugh. But they are entertaining. This one was no exception. The trailer shows the team parachuting themselves in their cars out of an airplane and onto a mountain road.


The movie is entertaining and worth seeing.

Spoilers Ahead:

The movie is filled with over-the-top moments like that, fast cars, and action scenes. The main theme of the movie seemed to be to prove wrong the fact that "cars don't fly." Which they showed in numerous, ridiculous, ways.

Some of the camera-work was pretty cool such as when Hobbs flipped Shaw onto a table and the camera flipped/rotated around with the action. (If you see it, you'll know what I'm trying to describe.)

I didn't follow who all the minor characters were, though that may be attributed to going to get popcorn at the wrong moment. And Dom's friends/family only seemed to care about the technology that the terrorists were attempting to get ahold of because of themselves, not because having terrorists in control of that sort of technology could potentially harm innocent people across the globe. I would do anything for my family too, but it seems like they should care about humanity as well.

The movie was a little long at two hours and seventeen minutes, Dom could have taken out the bad guy but instead chose to prolong it for a good fight sequence. (Why do people always do that in movies!?) It seems like something was lacking in the movie, whether that was confusion over the plot or something else I'm not sure. But as far as it being an entertaining way to spend a couple of hours, it was pretty good. I would have never come up with that many outrageous stunts for cars in my wildest dreams, but that's pretty standard for the franchise.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think?