Greenbluff, Spokane, Washington

Greenbluff Leaves Greenbluff Spokane Trees

Last week I went and visited some friends in Spokane. As excited as I was to see them, I was almost as excited to go to the farming area known as Greenbluff. We took the mandatory boots-in-leaves photos and I returned to a gorgeous tree-lined driveway to take some photos there.

Greenbluff OOTD


*Photo credit to A.R.

Greenbluff is known for its pumpkin doughnuts and apple cider. A friend of mine and I drove up and went to The Harvest House to buy our doughnuts and cider. I also bought some huckleberry jam, honey, and a bottle of huckleberry wine (that was delicious.)

Here's a photo of the doughnut making machine. I bought a dozen of them and managed to bring eleven home to my family. (I'd had a big breakfast. Last year I think I ate five-ish at once.)

Greenbluff Doughnuts

Last year my family and I bought our pumpkins at Greenbluff. There are multiple farms open selling doughnuts, cider, apples (that you can pick yourself), vegetables, etc. It's a fun place to visit if you're ever in Spokane in the fall.

Where do you like to travel in the fall?