Gasworks Park

We went to Gas Works Park on north Lake Union in Seattle a few days ago. The night view of the skyline is pretty awesome. I want to say that the blue lights are in honor of the Seahawks beating the Vikings earlier this week, but I can't say that for sure. Northwest Pearls: Gasworks Park

A lot of the old machinery that was used to manufacture gas is still on the property. We walked around the park and enjoyed the view before going back to our car and getting some warm tea.

Have you been to Gas Works Park? What do you think?

Pompeii: The Exhibition

This past weekend my family and I went to see the Pompeii exhibit at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. It was really interesting to learn about their culture and lives and to see the artifacts recovered from Pompeii. The artifacts ranged from statues, to marble tables, to farming equipment, to jewelry, to casts of the remains. The way they created the casts was by finding empty spaces in the volcanic ash where a body had once been. They created the cast from the empty space and now replicas of the casts are part of the exhibit.

Warning: a little nudity ahead (nothing obscene)

This was my favorite mural. I would love to have something like this in my home.

Northwest Pearls: Pompeii Exhibit

This statue would have stood in an open area of the atrium. When rain would fall, it would be collected into the pool below the statue's feet and used by the household.

Northwest Pearls: Pompeii Exhibit

Northwest Pearls: Pompeii Exhibit

Northwest Pearls: Pompeii Exhibit

Northwest Pearls: Pompeii Exhibit

This helmet had figures from the Trojan war decorating it.

Northwest Pearls: Pompeii Exhibit

Northwest Pearls: Pompeii Exhibit

Sadly the exhibit ends May 25th, but it was cool to see. I'd give it 4/5 stars. Have you seen any cool exhibits lately?

The Crumpet Shop

For lunch a friend and I went to The Crumpet Shop near Pike's Place Market in Seattle. Neither of us had been before but we both like tea so it seemed like a good idea. Crumpets are somewhat like English muffins, but not exactly the same. You can look up the difference yourself but that gives you a general idea.

I ordered an English cheese, pesto, and tomato crumpet with Jasmine Pearl tea.

Northwest Pearls: The Crumpet Shop

It was so nice to go out to lunch and to see a friend. I'd recommend going to The Crumpet Shop if you're ever in that area. They've got a few teas to choose from, organic scones, and a few kinds of organic crumpets to order. It was a really yummy lunch and I'll probably go back sometime.

Have you been anywhere new lately?

Araya's Place and University District

Some friends and I met up for dinner at Araya's Place, a vegan Thai restaurant in Seattle. I'm not vegan, but the food was really good! One of my friends ordered Tom Kah soup. It has mushrooms and lemon (I think.) I had a small bowl of it.

Northwest Pearls: Tom Kah Soup

I ordered Panang Curry with brown rice. A former roommate turned me onto Panang curry and since then I've had a jar of it in my fridge but this was so much better!

Northwest Pearls: Panang Curry

And I had enough to take home and eat the next day for lunch!

After dinner two of us went to University Village.

We grabbed drinks at Elemental Pizza; I had a virgin EMP, which was a mojito, and she had what was called a Rain Drop, and was basically a Lemon Drop. Both drinks were great.

Here's my EMP.

Northwest Pearls: EMP

And I thought that the sign for the bar was clever.

Northwest Pearls: Bar Sign

We walked around, went to Anthropologie, J. Crew, Fran's Chocolates, and so many other places. I love University Village. One of these days when I've got more time (and more spending money) I'm definitely going to go back!

Have you tried any new restaurants lately?

Exploring Seattle: Bell Street Pier

Yesterday was such a nice day that I had to go exploring so I went a few blocks north of Pike Place Market. It gets considerably less crowded just a few blocks away. Just off of Elliot Ave. I saw an uncrowded viewing area. I wandered out onto Bell Street Pier or Pier 66 and loved the view.

View of Seattle skyscrapers from Bell Street Pier

View of Olympic Mountains from Bell Street Pier

You could even (just barely) see the Space Needle from out there!

View of Space Needle from Bell Street Pier

Have you explored anywhere new lately?