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Guest Post: Guide to Fairhaven

I've got a special guest post today by Martha Kay from North Left Coast. She's a style blogger based up in Vancouver, Canada. Be sure to check out her blog!


Hey everyone! It’s Martha here, from North Left Coast. You can find my life and style blog at and visit my Instagram at

Since Spenser and I are both from the Pacific Northwest we thought we’d share a couple of our favourite places in the region. I have recently discovered a charming area of Bellingham, Washington called Fairhaven. I’ve visited the area a couple times this Spring as I have a cousin who just moved nearby, so I wanted to share some of my photos of this charming destination and a recount of my favourite restaurants and shops.

North Left Coast: Fairhaven, WA

Fairhaven was originally its own town until it became a part of Bellingham circa 1900. It still has its old charm and when you enter the centermost part of Fairhaven, known as the Historical District, it feels like you’ve gone back in time. In fact, according to one of Bellingham’s Municipal Codes, all newly constructed buildings in the district are required to conform in outward appearance to the community's traditional 19th-century style (via). As you can imagine, it’s a charming place to visit!

North Left Coast: Fairhaven, WA

Both times I’ve been to Fairhaven, I’ve gone out for lunch with my mom at one of the local restaurants. The first time, we went to the Colophon cafe which was cozy and relaxing. The food reminded me of some of my most comforting homecooked meals. The restaurant is full of tables, booths and even sofas to lounge in. It’s definitely the type of restaurant where you can either eat a quick lunch with your family, or settle in with a book and a hot cappuccino for an hour or two.

North Left Coast: Fairhaven, WA

North Left Coast: Fairhaven, WA

We ordered soups and sandwiches which were quite yummy!

On one of our other visits, we went to Harris Avenue Cafe for brunch. I had an omelette which was HUGE but when I asked the server how many eggs were in it she said there were only 3. I think there was just a ton of vegetables and cheese! It was really good and definitely filled me up for the day!

North Left Coast: Fairhaven, WA

North Left Coast: Fairhaven, WA

Fairhaven is a really nice area to explore and walk around in. I really enjoyed Boulevard Park which overlooks the water. Within the park there are picnic tables, pocket beaches and great views of the ocean and the boats. It would be great place to go to with ice cream cones in the summer!

North Left Coast: Fairhaven, WA

Another Fairhaven favourite of mine was Eclipse Bookstore and Fine Art. This shop was incredible! I wish I’d taken a video while I was inside because the photos don’t necessarily do it justice. There are books EVERYWHERE, piled up on every surface (of two floors!) and overflowing out the door. In the hour or two that I was inside I saw a stack of the original yellow Nancy Drew books (I was tempted to buy them all) as well as numerous other hardcover classics.

North Left Coast: Fairhaven, WA

North Left Coast: Fairhaven, WA

North Left Coast: Fairhaven, WA

This is the kind of place a book lover could spend an entire day in. On a weekly basis. I mean, the books are never ending!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about Fairhaven, Washington. It's such a cute little area to explore and definitely one of Washington's hidden gems!

Don’t forget to head over to to see Spenser’s guest post! Thanks for reading,

Martha Kay

Staircase Rapids Hike

Someone recommended that I go and hike Staircase Rapids in the Olympic National Forest. The hike is out by Lake Cushman, at the very end of the lake and a little more. Northwest Pearls: Lake Cushman

We got a late start to the day and got lunch in Hoodsport at a little diner called The Tides. Then we continued on our way and got to the hike. We bought a day pass for the hike, one of these days I might buy an annual pass but as much as I'd like to use it, I'm not sure I would use it enough to justify the expense.

So we parked and started on our hike. We started by going over the bridge first. It was pretty and the color of the water was spectacular. Once we were over the bridge we got to the trail where we were warned about a recent cougar sighting.

The hike isn't very strenuous although we did break a sweat. However, most of that is probably due to the fact that we went when it was around 90 degrees out. We took a detour down a path that led to an ancient fallen tree, 14 feet in diameter. It was around 800 years old when it fell.

Northwest Pearls: Ancient Fallen Tree

The river runs along most of this part of the loop so you can view it fairly often.

Northwest Pearls: North Fork Skokomish River

Northwest Pearls: North Fork Skokomish River


There is a bridge connecting to the other side of the river and you can feel it move beneath your feet. It reminded me of a bridge over in Spokane. (I don't remember the name of that hike.)

Northwest Pearls: North Fork Skokomish River Bridge

Once we were across the bridge we went right right away and down a little path. This was not the actual path and we turned around after a bit. The path we were supposed to take is straight out from the bridge and eventually we came to a 'T' where we turned right to go back to where we started. This path was a lot better maintained and about four feet wider.

Once we reached our car, we drove off and stopped at a few places to take some more pictures of Lake Cushman.

Northwest Pearls: Lake Cushman

It was a nice hike, and if you're looking for something that's pretty but not too long, it's a good one.

Have you been out to Staircase Rapids? Are there any other hikes in the PNW that you'd recommend?

TBT: Long Beach

One of the treats of living in Washington is taking little trips out to the coast. One such trip we've gone on numerous times is to Long Beach, WA. I've gone out there with my family a few times and with my best friends.

One of my favorite memories is going to an outdoor market and picking out the ingredients for our dinner. We prepared and grilled them up.

Here's a picture of the boardwalk that seems to run forever. One of the times we went we had access to bikes so we took a few rides down the boardwalk.

Northwest Pearls: Long Beach

This picture is taken by one of the lighthouses in the area. That land you can barely see in the distance is Oregon. Actually, you might not quite be able to make it out in the picture, but it's at the edge of the horizon.

Northwest Pearls: Long Beach

Northwest Pearls: Long Beach

I can't guarantee, but I'm pretty sure that this is the North Head Lighthouse.

Northwest Pearls: Long Beach

I believe that this is also North Head Lighthouse, but I'm not entirely positive. It was pretty nonetheless and just a little hike from the parking lot to the lighthouse.

Northwest Pearls: Long Beach

And of course there are other things to do in Long Beach. There's shopping, eating, and of course, Marsh's Free Museum which is so fun to go into. Have you ever been to Long Beach? What's your favorite thing to do?

Rain Rain Is Here Today

Now that spring's here, it's time to lose the heavy winter coats and transition into something a bit lighter. I seem to only have heavy coats or thin shells though, so I've been looking for something in the middle that'll work for commuting and everyday life, has a hood, is waterproof, and warm but not too warm. And while I don't know how warm or not these coats are, I'm liking their style. Northwest Pearls: Raincoats

1. The North Face $149.00

2. Barbour $399.00

3. Madewell $138.00

I do love the look of that Barbour (it also comes in navy), but I'm not sure I want to spend that much on a coat. I'm thinking of ordering The North Face coat in black.

Do you have a warmish raincoat that you like? What is it?