Los Angeles

A Day in LA

While in California I took the train up to Los Angeles to see a friend. The train schedules that weekend were different than normal but I was able to get to LA and back pretty easily. The train ride was nice, I saw parts of California I hadn't seen before. I arrived in LA just as the sun was setting and managed to take a picture of the skyline.

Northwest Pearls: Los Angeles

Once at Union Station, I went out and got a taxi. I debated between Uber and a taxi but because I hadn't used Uber before and I've taken taxis before I went with a taxi.

I got to my friend's place and had trouble finding her but once I found her we put my backpack in her room and off we went to find dinner on nearby Sunset Boulevard.

We decided on getting Mexican food and stopped at Señor Fish. The three of us all got Fish Taco Samplers. It was some of the best Mexican food I've ever had. Even the rice and beans were amazing which is seriously saying something. If you're ever debating about where to go, check out Senor Fish. I wish I could eat there weekly.

Northwest Pearls: Señor Fish

After our amazing dinner we walked back to her place and watched a rom-com before going to bed.

In the morning I figured out that you can see the Hollywood sign, the observatory, and downtown LA from the building. It was cool seeing sites that I'd only previously seen on television and in movies.

Because my friend works with a non-profit in LA we went to two government housing projects in the city to take some kids to church. It was humbling for me to see the city projects because I hadn't seen much like that in the US. After church we went back to her place and waited for another friend to join us. Originally we were going to see the Getty Center and go to Pink Taco but because of the train schedules, we had just enough time to drive to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, walk the few blocks, grab lunch at In-N-Out and then drop me off at the train station (with 13 minutes to spare.)

The Walk of Fame was super crowded and had lots of characters out and about. It wasn't what I was really expecting but it was cool to see. There were tons of tourists taking pictures with the stars and it was pretty hard to walk down the sidewalk. Especially when you're worried about making the last train.

We also saw the Bates Motel Art Installation (the building and palm trees and everything have been painted white,) the Church of Scientology Los Angeles (it's very blue), the high school where a few scenes from Grease were filmed, and Olvera Street. We just drove by Olvera Street a few times but it looked pretty cool.

I wish I had been able to stay in LA longer and see more. Except for that 20 hours, I haven't spent any time there. Maybe one of these days I'll go back and see a few more things.

Have you been to LA? What did you think?