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Lilly for Target

This weekend Lilly Pulitzer's and Target's collaboration hit Target stores. Apparently it sold out in hours. I, thinking that Lilly isn't a big deal in the Northwest because let's face it, it's loud, bright, and expensive, didn't think it would be a big deal, so I arrived at Target a couple of hours after Target opened. Apparently about 30 women had waited in line outside of Target and basically swept everything into their baskets and bought it all. There were a few things left, some towels, some size 18 dresses, some xs girls clothes, and a few makeup bags. But overall everything was gone. In some ways this was a huge hit for Target and for Lilly. In others it wasn't very good.

Yes, Target sold everything, and yes, now more people have heard about Lilly Pulitzer, but was it worth it?

A huge bonus of the collaboration was that it would be more accessible to more people. Not everyone can or wants to drop $200 on a dress that's not very versatile. But the collection was really only accessible to the first twenty people or so at each store. (I made that number up, but you know what I mean.)

Girls were mad that "the commoners" could afford Lilly Pulitzer. While these girls need to realize that everyone is equal and that the clothes don't make the woman, some girls were mad at the collaboration. (I don't agree with their reasoning, I'm just pointing out a negative reaction to the collaboration. If you want to see some entertaining tweets slamming Lilly Pulitzer for the collaboration, see the Buzzfeed article here.)

The backlash that Target is facing for selling out so fast and for their website crashing might not have been worth it. There must be some way to keep websites from crashing and not stalling launches.

Some of the demand for the collection can be blamed on people buying it and marking it up on eBay. While it's not Target's fault that people bought Lilly for Target items solely for the purpose of re-selling, it's pretty pathetic that people are doing that.

(Check out this Tumblr. post about a woman who bought all the women's dresses in front of a girl.)

Also, if you're going to spend $90 - $350 on a Lilly for Target dress on eBay, I feel like you're almost -definitely better off spending $178 buying an actual Lilly Pulitzer dress that's (probably) a higher quality. (The Lilly for Target collection probably sacrificed fabric quality to make the collection more affordable.) (For the most part the most expensive Lilly for Target items on eBay (haha, Lilly for eBay) is chairs, umbrellas, and plus-sized clothing.)

I think that Target should have gotten more stock so that more people could have bought it. While they couldn't have known what a "success" this was going to be, they might have been able to guess based off of some internet research.

Something else that would have been genius, would have been to impose a purchase limit on the items. They could have said that no one could buy more than $300 (or whatever number made the most sense) of Lilly for Target merchandise at one time. That'd have prevented people buying everything at once to just sell on eBay. (My mother came up with that idea and I think it's brilliant.)

I had been looking forward to getting a swimsuit, but not only by the time I got there was everything gone, but I learned that my Target never had any swimsuits in. That was a disappointment and I feel like Target should have mentioned that not all locations would be getting all styles. A swimsuit and the flask were what I had been planning on getting, but in the end I ended up with a makeup bag. (There was one dress left in my size, but when I tried it on, it was one of the most unflattering dresses I've ever worn.)

All in all I'm not very impressed with the collaboration, and while that's not entirely the fault of Target or Lilly Pulitzer, that doesn't change many reactions.

What do you think of the Lilly for Target collaboration?

Lilly Pulitzer for Target

I like some of Lilly Pulitzer's prints and I think it's cool that they're doing a collaboration with Target. Target posted their lookbook online so I've gone through and selected some of my favorites. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get that pink swimsuit. Northwest Pearls: Lilly Pulitzer for TargetTheir collection comes out Sunday April 19th.

What do you think of Lilly Pulitzer? I know it's not a Northwest thing, but some of their stuff is pretty cute.