Ivywild School

Ivywild School

Northwest Pearls: Ivywild School While we were in Colorado Springs, we ate at the Ivywild School. Ivywild School was formerly a school and now it's a conglomeration of stores and restaurants.

We had dinner one night in the Teacher's Lounge, located inside the Ivywild School. I ordered the French Onion Soup with a side of Roasted Vegetables and a Ginger Beer (non-alcoholic) to drink. The ginger beer was amazing.

And we had lunch another day at Bristol Pub, also located inside the school. For lunch I ordered the Warm Bacon Vinaigrette Salad and a Ginger Beer. The salad was so good. I ate every last bite. We also passed around a small bowl of toasted almonds which had garlic oil, red pepper flakes, and some other yummy ingredients on them.

The food at both places was fantastic. And on one of the days we were there, they had a farmer's market outside. I didn't buy anything but one of the bridesmaids bought some of their goods.

If you're ever in the area and looking for food, Ivywild School has some great selections!