Christmas tree

2018 Christmas Tree Hunt

I’ve always been lucky enough to have a live tree at Christmas. As a child, we would go to a u-cut farm, pick out our tree, and take it home to decorate. As an adult, I was excited to do the same in this apartment.

The day I was going to get mine from the u-cut farm I remembered that if you have a permit, you can go out to National Forest Lands to get a tree. After some furious researching, I found out where we could get it and where we could go! (We ended up going to Baker-Snoqualmie near Enumclaw, Washington.) They sell a limited number of permits each year, so we were lucky there were permits left. (I’m betting they’re just about out if they aren’t already as I write this two days later.)

Because I still wanted to get a hike in, we went to Greenwater Lake, a short and easy hike recommended by the ranger. Then we took our permit and our map and ended up in a place where we could find a tree! I was determined to get one where it was snowy, so we drove until we found it. We were blessed with a beautiful day.

We could have easily gotten a tree at a lower elevation where the terrain was easier and there wasn’t snow to deal with, but we made an adventure out of it!

I’m so glad I remembered this was possible. It’s going to be my new tradition. I’d highly recommend doing it yourself. I know I’ll be sure to get a permit again next year!

Our Christmas Tree

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Tree 2015A few years ago we stopped putting up the homemade Christmas ornaments that us kids have made over the years, and bought matching ornaments from Pottery Barn.

We bought three sets of silver and gold large ornaments that look like mercury glass, and one set each of silver and gold smaller ornaments that also look like mercury glass. They're all currently sold out at Pottery Barn.

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Tree 2015

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Tree 2015

I love the look of the new ornaments. We also have some vintage mercury glass ornaments that we use but we don't have enough to fill up the tree so it's great to supplement them with the new ones.

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Tree 2015

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Tree 2015

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Tree 2015

How do you like to decorate your tree?

On the Christmas Tree Hunt

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Tree Hunt This weekend we went out to get a Christmas tree. It's a tradition for us to go to a tree farm, pick one out, and cut it down. Only once in my memory have we bought one from a lot; and that was because we were on vacation before Christmas and didn't want to get one before we left, which meant we bought it on December 22nd or so.

As you'd expect, this year it was raining, but the bright side of the rain meant that we were the only ones at the tree farm. I know that I mock people who use umbrellas, but I went without it for the first few minutes of picking a tree before I gave in and got it out of our car. It did make standing out in the rain slightly more pleasant.

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Tree Hunt

I'm excited to decorate our tree; are you getting a Christmas tree this year? Or if not, do you have any holiday traditions?