Hello again

Wow, it’s been a while. Longer than I’ve thought!

There’s too much to catch up on since I last posted. I’ve hiked to Lena Lake (again,) Greenwater Lake (gorgeous,) Cape Disappointment (rainy,) Lake 22 (by myself-I’ll tell that story soon,) some trails near Snoqualmie, Little Si (with my little sister,) Rattlesnake Ledge (just after Snowmageddon,) Hurricane Ridge (with snowshoes,) Franklin Falls, Cape Flattery, and down in the Redwoods and along the California coast.

I also learned how to cross-country ski which was so much fun!

Without a dedicated desk it’s hard to blog regularly. I use my phone almost 100% of the time. (I’ve even been computer-less for the last four months which hasn’t helped!)

But I miss writing and blogging so I’m going to sit down and try to get you caught up. We went to Banff last year-which was the top of my bucket-list- so I need to tell you about that too! There’s just so much to say that I don’t know where to start. I really should have written that one the week I got back.

Talk to you soon!