Snowgrass Flats

A few weeks ago we drove down to hike to Snowgrass Flats. An entire hour of that drive was spent on the same 16 mile dirt road, so bring a high clearance vehicle if you can. We were the only day hikers out that day, minus two separate men on horseback. Everyone else was backpacking in and going further than we were.

It was a nice hike but we hit a lot of snow and it was difficult to go uphill in it. We made it, but trekking poles or microspikes would have made it a lot easier. It was the first real snow I'd seen this year though and it was fun to play around in. There's been a couple of other hikes I've looked at recently, but they've gotten more snow than I'd like to hike in. Any suggestions for winter hikes to do in the PNW?