Snow Lake

Snow Lake-8.jpg

For a friend's birthday she got a group of us to hike to hike her favorite hike. Snow Lake. 

I was originally going to do Snow Lake Saturday and then Diablo Lake Sunday, but luckily for my knees and feet, Diablo Lake fell through.

Snow Lake wasn't as hard of a hike as I'd been anticipating. It was incredibly rocky, and there were a few places where you had to scramble up boulders, but overall it wasn't too bad. We went one of the days when the wildfire smoke had drifted a bit West, but besides a lingering haze and the smell, it wasn't too bad. 

Snow Lake-1.jpg
Snow Lake-4.jpg

You gain about 1400 feet on the hike and then lose 400 to go into the lake basin. So not all of your gain is at once. We hiked partially around the lake to a very exposed overlook where it was pretty cold with the windchill. I ended up breaking out my wool hat, gloves, and Buff that I keep on me in case a hike goes awry and I end up staying out overnight. They helped me stay warmish during lunch. But I'll definitely be buying warmer gloves soon. 

It's a pretty fantastic lake, I can't imagine how beautiful it is without the haze. It's very popular though, so be warned that you'll be sharing it with lots of other people. The parking lot for the hike is huge. We showed up around 8 a.m. on a Saturday and there was plenty of parking, but by the time we returned, it was pretty full.

As beautiful as this was, my favorite is still Lake Serene

What's your favorite alpine lake hike?