Learning to Look Positively at Yourself

Northwest Pearls: Tolmie Peak and Eunice Lake
Northwest Pearls: Tolmie Peak and Eunice Lake

We can all find little flaws in our appearance when we see ourselves in the mirror. Most recently I started to notice my smile lines.

I have smile lines around my mouth and eyes, and I started to focus on how they made me look older. Not usually a problem for me, I usually get taken for a high schooler, not a college graduate. But still, I don't love seeing them in pictures.

But then I began to think more about my smile lines.

My smile lines show up when I smile or laugh. How can I hate something that shows my happiness?

So even though I think I'm a little too young to have smile lines, I'm going to try to embrace them, or at the least, not hate on them. I'm looking at them from a positive angle, just as I do with some of my other "flaws."

I think we can all find ways to embrace the "flaws" that society tells us we have. What ways have you found to love yourself?