How To Keep Your Clothing Looking Like New

clothing-looking-newI usually don't mind buying higher priced clothing, if it means that it'll last (and it's something I know I'll use.) But even though it may be higher quality, or probably because it's higher quality, I try to take even better care of it. So here are some of the things I like to have on hand to keep my clothes and accessories looking their best.

  • Lint roller
  • Drying rack (so delicate items don't have to go through the dryer)
  • Clothing steamer
  • Leather shoe conditioner
  • Shoe wax
  • Sewing kit (for popped-off buttons and fixing hems)
  • Sewing scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Boot shaper/insert (to keep the leather shaft upright and not slouchy)

I'll also fold heavier items so they don't stretch out on the hanger. And I'll make sure to wash things on the settings their labels say. (Sometimes this means that I have to search for what their symbols mean if they don't have words, but it's worth it!) I'll handwash things if they say that, and they really are that delicate that I don't quite trust the handwash setting on the washing machine. And finally, I'll send things to the dry cleaner if they're dry clean only and it's their time.

How do you keep your clothing looking nice?