Brouwerij West

Northwest Pearls: Brouwerij WestFull disclosure: My cousin works at Brouwerij West. For my aunt's birthday, we had a family outing to Brouwerij West in San Pedro, CA. We drove up to see the new brewery where my cousin worked.

It was pretty fun. We went on a Saturday at 1pm and it wasn't too crowded. The brewery is in this old World War II warehouse where they think that soldiers' personal effects were stored while they were overseas.

I tried a sip of each beer they had, except for Super Orange, which they were out of. I'm not usually a beer person, but I did enjoy a few of their flavors, and had two glasses myself.

The coolest part of the brewery was our tour which included a trip up to the roof. The view from the roof is great, plus it's sunny and who doesn't like that?

Northwest Pearls: Brouwerij West

There was a food truck in the courtyard and they had great food. I can't remember what I tried, but it was all yummy!

Afterwards I went to the craft fair in the next warehouse over to see what was going on. They had some cool crafts and artwork. I almost bought some really pretty rocks from one of them for a friend's birthday.

I'd definitely go to both again. It wasn't my first time at a brewery, but it's the most I've enjoyed a brewery.

Have you been to either? What have you thought?