Anaheim Packing House

Northwest Pearls: Anaheim Packing House While in Anaheim, California, I got to go to the Anaheim Packing House. It's a little hard to explain, but essentially it's a gourmet food court inside an old fruit packing house.

It was so amazing. They asked that no pictures be taken inside, so here's a picture of the lava cake I took home with me! :)

Northwest Pearls: Anaheim Packing House

Besides the lava cake from one vendor whose name I forget, I also ate gourmet grilled cheese from The Black Sheep, a gourmet food vendor. It was so delicious. It had goat cheese, grilled onions, and more on it. I was in heaven.

But the best part of the Packing House was the speakeasy. The Blind Rabbit is located on the bottom floor. It's behind a secret door. It was probably one of the highlights of my whole trip to California because how often do you get to go to a hidden speakeasy restaurant?

The drinks there were good and the atmosphere was pretty cool. It was small so they recommend reservations for some days and times. If you go to the packing house, I'd highly recommend finding The Blind Rabbit.

Have you ever been to The Packing House? What have you thought?