First Meal from Blue Apron

Blue Apron Za'atar My mom received a coupon for a week's worth of free meals from Blue Apron from a friend of hers who uses the service. So she ordered two four person meals. They arrived in the same container with two separate recipe flyers. We chose to make the Za'atar Chicken Skewers and Mint Yogurt Sauce recipe for our first dinner.

Blue Apron Za'atar-2 Blue Apron Za'atar-3 Blue Apron Za'atar-4 Blue Apron Za'atar-5 Blue Apron Za'atar-6

It was fun but pretty time consuming. The prep time was supposed to be 10 minutes, and the cook time was supposed to be 25 to 35 minutes but it seems like the two of us spent at least an hour total on it. That may get faster as you get used to Blue Apron, but I don't think I'd want to use this every night.

This would be a fun idea for a date night, or for when you are hanging out with a friend. (It also might be a good idea for Firefighters to use every once in a while!)

The food was pretty good, and very filling. It's not a recipe I would have picked, but I enjoyed it.

Have you tried anything similar? What have you thought?