On the Christmas Tree Hunt

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Tree Hunt This weekend we went out to get a Christmas tree. It's a tradition for us to go to a tree farm, pick one out, and cut it down. Only once in my memory have we bought one from a lot; and that was because we were on vacation before Christmas and didn't want to get one before we left, which meant we bought it on December 22nd or so.

As you'd expect, this year it was raining, but the bright side of the rain meant that we were the only ones at the tree farm. I know that I mock people who use umbrellas, but I went without it for the first few minutes of picking a tree before I gave in and got it out of our car. It did make standing out in the rain slightly more pleasant.

Northwest Pearls: Christmas Tree Hunt

I'm excited to decorate our tree; are you getting a Christmas tree this year? Or if not, do you have any holiday traditions?