Modified Roasted Jalapeno Soup

Northwest Pearls: Modified Roasted Jalapeno Soup (Note: All of the white in the soup is a reflection from the window.)

I followed this recipe to make a delicious roasted jalapeno soup but since I'm not eating dairy and I'm cutting down on gluten right now, I substituted some of the ingredients and tweaked around the amounts added.

First off, I tripled all of the ingredients so I would have lots of leftovers to heat up. So when you read what I did below, the proportions were tripled,

Because I wasn't adding dairy, I cut down the amount of jalapenos added by 1/3. And instead of milk or heavy whipping cream, I added unsweetened almond milk.

Instead of butter I used olive oil.

I substituted homemade gluten free flour for all-purpose flour.

I'm not a huge fan of mushrooms so I cut down the amount I added by about half.

And to add some more protein to the soup, I added two cans of chicken (and the canned chicken broth) to it. But I didn't just dump the cans in, I spread the canned chicken out onto a cutting board and then used a fork to shred it all up before I added it. For good measure I added about half of a can of garbanzo beans into the soup. (Remember, I tripled the original recipe so if you do something similar, make sure that your proportions are right.) (Also, there may be gluten in the chicken broth or some of the other ingredients. I'm not entirely sure that this was gluten free but it was gluten free enough for me.)

I love cooking and seeing what you can make or modify. This is a delicious recipe either the original way or my modified way.

What's one of your favorite recipes?