Downtown Tacoma

For my BFF's birthday, we went to Barnes & Noble, The Minion Movie, and to The Social Bar and Grill. Because she was in desperate need of a corkscrew and some reusable corks, I got her a corkscrew, two reusable corks, and a bottle opener. I think that this was the first time I've bought minor appliances for a friend for a gift. At Barnes & Noble I had to take a picture with the cardboard cutout of Jamie Fraser from Outlander. The book series is really good, I've only seen a couple of the TV episodes. There's a lot of explicit scenes in both, but skipping over those it's great entertainment. The cutout was disappointingly short, he's supposed to be really tall and since I'm under 5'3'', I don't think that they made him tall enough.

Northwest Pearls: Jamie Fraser

After The Minion Movie, which was cute, we parked in downtown Tacoma and walked across Chihuly Bridge of Glass down to the waterfront and over to The Social Bar and Grill. My favorite part of the bridge is where the glass objects are in the ceiling and it feels as though you are underwater. Sadly I didn't take any pictures of this. The bridge is really cool though and if you're in the area, you should check it out.

Northwest Pearls: Chihuly Bridge of Glass

Down the steps and towards the restaurant are clear glass creations. I was told what they're supposed to represent but I can't remember it anymore. Nevertheless, they're very pretty. There's other art down in this area too. Northwest Pearls: Glass Artwork

The Social Bar and Grill was really good. We sat outside, it was a little cold but the atmosphere and surroundings were fantastic. We could see the waterway, some of the glasswork, and everyone walking by. Instead of bread, we were given popcorn, so that was cool. We were there during happy hour, I got the Blackened Rockfish Tacos and a side of Sweet Potato Fries and both were incredibly delicious.

Have you ever been to that area of Tacoma? What did you think?