Makeup Review: Pixi Brow Powder Palette

A while ago I picked up the Pixi Brow Pencil/Gel and loved it. (You can see my review of it here.) The Brow Powder Palette was recommended in a magazine I read at the nail salon, and since I loved the pencil so much, I decided to try it out. Northwest Pearls: Pixi Brow Palette and Pencil

*Palette on left, Pencil on right

It is pretty great. It comes in different shades so you can blend to match your eyebrows and also use the lighter shades to highlight your eyes and brows. You have to be careful to not use too much though. I was putting it on and when I looked in a different mirror my eyebrows were way darker than normal. The blending may take a bit of practice, but I really do love the product. I was going between three of the brown shades, the 2nd darkest color worked for part of my eyebrows, and the two next lightest were a little too light or red for me, but I really do love how it fills in my brows. Also, the brush it comes with has two ends so you can apply the highlights with the same brush as you use to fill in your brows.

I've only found Pixi at one Target location, despite looking for it at another three, so I ended up ordering the palette online.

Have you tried out the Brow Powder Palette? What did you think?