Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

My mother gave me some of Mountain House's dried food to take to work and see if I like it. I was game to try it because it was something different and I didn't have to pack a lunch! Northwest Pearls: Mountain House

Sorry, I meant to take a picture before I opened the bag but my hunger got the best of me and I forgot.

The food is meant for camping and backpacking, or even emergencies. All you do is add boiling water and let it sit. I used the hot water maker at work as my "boiling water" and estimated about how much of the water I was supposed to pour in. (Hey, you improvise sometimes while camping too.)

So I followed the directions and then ate it out of the pouch (as you're supposed to do.) It was really good. And not just "I'll eat this because I didn't pack anything else." I really enjoyed it. So far the only kind I've tried is their Noodles and Chicken meal but it is definitely something I'd bring along with me if/when I go camping or backpacking. All you've got to do is add water and voila! Magic.

Northwest Pearls: Mountain House Food

So if you're thinking about getting some, I'd probably recommend it.

Have you tried any freeze dried meals before?