Movie Review: Cinderella

[youtube] We went to see the new Cinderella this week. It was so good. If you like happy, magical fairytales, you should go see it.

The costumes were amazing. They were still spectacular. Don't get me started on her blue ball gown. I'm sure you've seen it and can imagine what I'd rave about. The dress is a beautiful silhouette, it's off-the-shoulder with so many sparkles. There are sparkles everywhere. And her glass slippers are so pretty.

There are spoilers below if you have never seen any Cinderella or do not know the storyline.

The scenes between Ella and her mother and father were so sweet. Ella's kindness and ability to turn the other cheek are to be commended. The writers added a bit more conniving to the step-mother compared to the original Disney animated Cinderella. Also, the ball scene? Oh how I'd love to go to something like that. It was so magical. The whole movie was magical!

There could have been more character development and less of the "we just met but we're already in love," but hey it's Cinderella. It's a magical fairytale so I'm willing to excuse two people getting engaged after hanging out twice.

The movie was a magical delight, something that'll inspire daydreams to get us through the week, and if you're looking for something to smile at, you should take some time to watch it.