Taking the Bus

I've never taken the bus before this week. Since I've started my internship I have a long commute and I have to put a lot of miles on my car and pay for gas (thankfully my car is diesel and gets 45ish mpg.) But I decided to try the bus. I get nervous about new things. I was kinda afraid I'd miss it, though worst case scenario is I take the next one or drive myself to work.

So I looked up the schedule, made sure I had exact change, and got there 10-15 minutes early. I let someone else go first because I didn't know what I was doing and then we formed a line with me 2nd in it.

I had my money in my pocket, ready to take out so I didn't hold anyone up. Then I paid, asked if I was supposed to get a ticker, no I was not, and took a seat.

Then my stress was gone for most of the commute until the bus started to stop in the city. People pressed a button to request a stop. I wasn't sure when to press it, yes I knew my stop, but I was trying to figure it out so I asked the person in front of me who gladly helped. He then got off and the girl across from me volunteered some information. Someone else pressed the button for my stop so I was okay for then. Then I just had to walk 10-15 minutes to work.

During lunch I took a walk to where I would be getting on the bus, a different area than I had gotten off. I found it, timed my walk, and then later when I left work, got there super early because I had gotten to work early and I didn't want to miss my bus.

It was late, so I was a little worried I had missed it, even though I had gotten there probably 20-25 minutes early. But it came around, I had my money in my pocket for easy payment, and I got on. The man in front of me in line was the man who had sat in front of me in the bus on the way to work.

I was good until people started to press the button for the bus to stop. I thought that the stops were automatic and became worriedΒ about the button pushing, "should I press it next? What about next week? Should I press it if someone else doesn't?"

So I asked someone again and they helped me out. I wasn't wanting to talk to strangers but my route and the bus times for me line up with work commuters and they're not scary people, they're just people that have the same long commute as me because they live far from where they work.

I'll be taking the bus fairly often to work I think. It's nice to just sit back. And they have lights overhead in the bus so you can read! Next time I'll be taking my book.

Have you done anything new lately?