Financial Responsibility

As I'm looking for a job that'll be a career, I decided to see what expenses I have each month, and how much money I would make at different salary levels, and how much I would have left over after my expenses. I can't keep on living like I have been (running through savings/relying on my parents.) So I made a little Excel Spreadsheet where I looked at everything. Here's a blank version of what I made. If you make your own it could be different, you may have rent, or you may not have loans.

Financial Responsibility Spreadsheet Photo


I've found it quite useful to see what I could be making after all my expenses. It gives me an idea of how much I can save each month. Excel is nice because I can just use formulas and copy and paste them so I don't have to work as hard at the calculations.

This is just my first step at trying to be a "real adult" with a "real job." Next it'll be actually entering receipts into Quicken the day, or even the week, I bought the items!

Have you found anything useful for being financially responsible?