What is Northwest Style?

If you search "What is Northwest Style?", chances are that you'll come up with stories and images of a certain baby. When you've weeded through all that, you'll find some Pinterest boards and some articles about how people dress in the Northwest. A co-worker and I were talking about this yesterday, and she commented how a lot of clothes worn in the Northwest can, or look like they can, be bought at REI.

And that's totally true. Women dress in athletic gear whether or not they're going or coming from a gym. I'm guilty of that too if I'm running to the grocery store or to get take-out. I'll wear some yoga pants, my sperry shoes, and a t-shirt, maybe throw on a sweater or a cardigan, and go.

There are also people who live solely in t-shirts and jeans (or t-shirts and sweatpants.)

And people who wear flip flops in winter and/or in the pouring rain.

And then there are business people who live in suits and ties, dresses and heels. However, because it's the Northwest, I think that even most business attire at most companies, or in most industries, is toned down a little bit. There are, for example, PR companies where the employees wear t-shirts and cargo pants, or t-shirts, cardigans, and jeans.

Most of what we wear out can also be worn on the couch to watch Netflix comfortably.

So for us, it's more function comes before form.

For graduating high school, my aunt took me to my choice of restaurant in celebration. I picked a ritzy one in Seattle and wore a pretty one-shouldered white dress I have a rarely wear. My mom and aunt dressed up too. When we got there, there were people in jeans, t-shirts. Sure, there were a few other dressed up people, but considering that it's one of the most expensive restaurants I've been in, the attire did not match.

It was interesting to see. I feel like when people dine on the East Coast or in the South, that they dress up. They have actual evening clothes. But here, whatever we were wearing earlier works for dinner too.

Most of us wearΒ what's comfortable and practical, then we toss on whatever jacket is waterproof and has a hood. God forbid we use an umbrella.

So what is northwest style? Probably whatever's comfy.